Best Credit Cards I Used When I Traveled To Africa

    I travel a lot and one of my favorite destinations is Africa. I love Africa because of the perfect blend of nature and city life. The woven blend of adventure and serenity draws me in whenever I am on holiday in Africa. I have enjoyed the safaris of Kenya, the hustle and bustle of Lagos, and the serenity of Cape Town. The memories I build and connection to different cultures always remains enlightening.

    An essential travel kit for me are my credit cards. This of course gives me access to my funds. I have used several credit cards during my vacations and would like to highlight my experiences.

    I always pay for my flights and accommodation with cards to attract points and i also inform my bank that I would be traveling out of the country. Reason for this is so that my account and transactions are not identified as fraudulent.

    Some credit cards I have used include The Bank of America Travel Reward Card, The Capital One Venture One and The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. The points and bonuses on these cards have come in handy to pay for my travel tickets sometimes. The Capital One Venture One has a zero annual fee and charges nothing on foreign transactions. This makes it my go to card for transactions in my travels.

    Very importantly, I make sure to keep my wallet and credit cards safe to avoid theft and the trouble of calling my bank to report and have my cards blocked. Whenever you are traveling, especially to Africa, try and take advantage of credit cards with travel rewards and benefits.

    By Reddmoney

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